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surroundings of la quijada del lobo

You will be in a privileged enclave, both for the surrounding mountains and the Molinos Valley, and for the geographic location, with an extensive daylight which let us enjoy of the natural and architectonic beauties of the area:

Llerena ( town ): This is the mother town of our home. It is only 8kms away and there you can enjoy monuments guided visits or just a shopping and eat & drink day if you please. We recommend you spend some time to see the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Granada y Santiago Apostol, built during XIV and XVIII centuries, and resulting in a mix of styles: Gothic-Mudejar, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo. You can also find other eight convents, four are nun’s convents (Santa Clara, Santa Ana, Santa Isabel and la Concepción) and the other four dedicated to monks (Santo Domingo, San Francisco, San Sebastian and los Jesuitas).  

Ermita Virgen del Ara: Located in Fuente del Arco, it is considered the Extremadura Sistian Chapel; and 7kms away from Fuente del Arco, we recommend you to visit la Mina de la Jayona during the same day, as they are very close to each other. It is an old iron mine, with an unique beauty, as well in Fuente del Arco. You can make a tour on foot because most of them is an outdoor. Mina de la Jayona was declared natural preserved monument on 30 September 1997. At Just 30 minutes driving from our place

Regina Turdulorum, known today as Casas de Reina, is a town only 16kms away from our home. The former Roman city was an important settlement dedicated to agriculture and fishing, contains the remains of the Roman Theater of Regina, along with some of the structural elements of the city.

Parque Reserva Natural de Las Quinientas, in Berlanga, is a free-entry zoo where the whole family can enjoy observing the animals. It also counts with a playground, adventure activities and a restaurant in the premises. It is 25 kms away from the house. 

Monasterio de Tentudía, is a Fortress Monastery located at 1104m high in Calera de León. Throughout the battle between the Order of Santiago and the Saracens, Christian troops watched the night approach and failed to achieve their goal. The master, in despair, implored Our Lady, shouting: Holy Mary, stop your day! And tradition says that the sun stopped on the horizon long enough to achieve victory. A small hermitage was built to honor this miracle, under the advocation of Santa María de Tudía (Tentudía). At 45km from our place.

Cascada El Martinete ( San Nicolás del Puerto ), amazing route along the riverside of the Huéznar, where you can have a cold swim down a beautiful waterfall called El Martinete. There are a picnic area with barbecues. In the nearby city, San Nicolás del Puerto, there is a Natural Swimming Pool, open during summer time. It is very well connected with El Cerro del Hierro by a 18km long green way ( Vía Verde de la Sierra Norte ). It is 50km far away from home.

Cerro del Hierro ( Constantina ), the Nature monument, el Cerro del Hierro, it is a really beautiful paleokarst, and a paradise for those who love climbing. There is a green way that you could go on foot or cycling which communicate it with El Martinete waterfall. It is at 60km distance from our house.

Teatro romano de Mérida. The Roman Theatre of Mérida is a construction promoted by the consul Vipsanius Agrippa in the Roman city of Emerita Augusta, capital of Lusitania (current Mérida, Spain). It was constructed in the years 16 to 15 BCE. One of the most famous and visited landmarks in Spain, the Roman Theatre of Mérida is regarded as a Spanish cultural icon and was chosen as one of the 12 Treasures of Spain. It is one hour driving from our villa.

Jerez de los Caballeros, city of  The Templar Knights, it is 89km far from the house.

Sevilla, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is a World Heritage Site, with his outstanding Plaza de España, Cathedral, Giralda, Torre del Oro... At just one hour and a quarter from our cottage.

Córdoba, it was a very important Roman city and one of the main Islamic centers during medieval times. It is well- known by the huge Mosque, which it was built in 784 A.D. It is located at 158km distance from our Rural House.

Trujillo, is considered as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. It took us one hour and fifty minutes to get there.

Cáceres, also is a World Heritage site. At the same distance that Trujillo from La Quijada del Lobo.


Ermita Virgen del Ara
Mina La Jayona
Teatro Romano de Regina
Monasterio de Tentudia
Cascada El Martinete
Cerro del Hierro
jerez de los caballeros

There are several trekking and cycling routes, with different intensity levels and distances to cover. One of the most famous routes is the Ruta del Rey Jayón. There are several companies who will help you to organise any trekking or bicycle activity


Only 2kms away from our home. You will enjoy activities like paintball, slides, archery, mini quads… This is a sure-fun day for the whole family!! 😊


You can adventure yourselves to some climbing in the areas of Cerro del Hierro and Zafra. Some are good for beginners and some others for those already initiated in this demanding sport. There are some companies which help you to initiate you in this wonderful sport. 


Some other companies offer more demanding activity plans on the lines of canyoning and speleology. You will visit different natural areas like Barranco de las Calzadillas or Arroyo Risco Blanco, both located in Almadén de la Plata. When you look into speleology, you workout will be within the beautiful areas of Sierra de San Miguel or Cerro del Hierro.


You can do something more relaxing like the birdwatching in The Interpretation Center of Pantano de Arroyo Conejo, home of many species of acuatic birds, designated as interational importance, where you could find the “ jarabugo “ , a kind of fish in risk os extinction. The Center provides you with binoculars, to use it in the viewpoint.

You could find an enormous variety of birds, mammals, reptiles in the Center that you could find in the Special Protection Areas for Birds ( SPAs ) that we are. One of the most relevants .

fowls that you could spot are Gull-billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica colonies, the canastera and the Black-billed Tern, who are in risk of extinction, and the common crane during winter times.

If by contrary you still have energy to burn, why not to adventure to some kayaking in those chilled waters.


Imagine yourselves back at home, with a nice wine, and looking at the stars. Our home is located in a privileged zone without light pollution, so you can all relax and look above at night after a whole day out.

Moreover, we are close from an old astronomical observatory, nowadays in decrepit state but it keeps its architectonic beauty, in La Capitana mountain. It is located between Llerena and Guadalcanal.

Close to this place, there is a wonderful viewpoint from where you could sight Extremaduran plateau and the Mountains of the North of Seville.


For you skaters, we have our own miniramp. Moreover,there is a skatepark in Llerena, and some routes of quiet secondary downhill roads to descend with your longboards.


You could do horse riding along the pathways or do riding lessons with differents companies in Llerena.

In the farm school you could know and interact with differents animals like sheeps, goats, horses, donkeys, ostriches, partridges, pheasants, guinea pigs, ducks, gooses and many more. You could take straight the eggs from the hens or look how they born.

There are also an exhibition of falconry.

Besides you will learn in the vegetable garden about farming, the best seasons for each vegetables and you will collect then and then, cooking them with different receipes.


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